Gain power | over your advertising |

Build and manage effective ad campaigns, optimize performance and analyze results - all in one easy-to-use interface.

Why | Self-Service? |

Smart and effective campaigns are in your hands

Start faster and Scale up

Launch campaigns in minutes. Discover the super-easy dashboard with a bulk campaign creator and traffic estimator.

Control and Optimize

Refine campaign settings, adjust the budget, edit your targeting and test creatives - all that in just a few clicks.

Measure your performance

Analyze the results of your campaigns with real-time statistics to make data-driven decisions.

Reach a global audience

Serve ads to 1 Bn+ monthly, non-incentivized users from all over the world. Find the audience that is most likely to engage.

The platform to revolutionize your ad campaigns

Beginner-friendly and pro-level tools to deliver your desktop and mobile ads to the audience that matters

Campaign tools

  • An intuitive and streamlined campaign builder guides you through the process of target selection, ad placement, scheduling and budgeting in a few simple steps.
  • Our real-time traffic estimator helps you see how a campaign’s bid and targeting settings impact your ad’s reach.
  • Control your ad spends with daily and total campaign budgets.

Targeting tools

  • User activity targeting
  • Geographical location
  • Operating system
  • Device & Connection types
  • Mobile carrier
  • Browser & Language
  • Day partying
  • Frequency capping

Reporting tools

  • See how your ads have impacted your business in easy-to-read, real-time reports.
  • Analyze performance and get measurable results: compare clicks, impressions and other metrics to learn which campaigns and creatives were the most effective.

Tracking tools

  • Discover which ad channels are the most valuable for your business, where you’re acquiring potential customers and where you need to make adjustments.
  • Trace and improve campaigns with S2S postback and Image pixel tracking tools.

Proactive support with managed service for large businesses

Focus on running your business and exploring new opportunities for growth – leave the hard job for us. Managed service is a convenient and cost-effective way to outsource media buying.

Work with a dedicated personal manager, who will configure your ad campaigns & creatives to best practices, provide ongoing monitoring and fine-tune the targeting settings for maximum performance – everything to meet your business needs on the fly.


Acquiring new quality leads tailored to your business without wasting your marketing budget - that’s easy!

Advertise smart – reach beyond your audience