6 Reasons to use Zool Ad Network over Google / Facebook Ads in Middle-east

1. Zool Ad Network is committed to serving only #Halal traffic in compliance with Middle-eastern laws. Respect towards the #culture and the #emotions of people all over the region. Zool believes in #integrity.

2. Cost-effective pricing and more savings in terms of spending on #onlineads.

3. Zool guarantee 100% human traffic and 7 optional filters to moderate the traffic as per your need.

4. Zool has an #innovative tech so as to supply unlimited traffic globally with various sources and platforms like Mobile, Desktop, and Apps

5. Unlike Google and Facebook, Zool accepts #cryptocurrencies.

6. Zool provides the best list of traffic sources in the first place to the #advertisers, so a user doesn’t waste money on trial and error while buying #traffic.

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