Revitalizing cream CPA-offer


Client: affiliate marketer
Product: revitalizing daytime cream
Goal: receive purchases at minimum possible price


  1. Preparation
    • Multiple creatives creation
    • Multiple landings creation
  2. Targeting
    • Choosing most relevant SSPs (Google Doubleclick)
    • Gender targeting
    • Geotargeting (USA, areas possible for delivery)
    • Targeting by beauty and cosmetics websites and apps
  3. Traffic sources sampling
    • Setting up traffic sampling
    • Blocking non-performing sources
  4. Setting up optimization rules to get desired cost per conversion for campaigns auto optimization.
  5. Reporting monitoring and additional tuning.


  • 197% offer ROI
  • Project Details

  • Date September 18, 2020
  • Client
  • Category offers,
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