Smart optimization tools for profitable affiliate marketing

Forget about manual optimization, that is slow and usually less effective. Let our AI-powered algorithms maximize the ROI of your ads!

CPA Goal for effortless and stable profits

CPA Goal is an AI-powered optimization algorithm automatically finding the right traffic for your offers so you can get conversions within your budget.

Fully automated, no blacklisting or rate optimization needed
Smart auto-bidding for stable traffic volume
Great for testing offers across network
Formats: OnClick


Target CPA for cost-effective media buying

Target CPA is a rule-based campaign optimization tool, excluding ad placements that don’t meet your target conversion price conditions.

  • Rule-based traffic segments optimization
  • Adjustable campaign settings (target conversion price, test budget ,etc)
  • Best balance between manual & auto-optimization

Formats: Push Notifications, OnClick

Achieve your conversion goals faster

Choose the automated solution you need to get steady, impressive results without overspending.